Membership-recruitment event

A well-planned membership-recruitment event will yield results. However, a one-time event should supplement, not replace, continual efforts to attract new members.

Steps for planning a membership-recruitment event

  1. Adopt the program.
  2. Assign tasks to the Membership Growth Committee members.
  3. Develop the invitation list.
  4. Arrange for publicity.
  5. Prepare the meeting place.
  6. Plan the agenda.
  7. Follow up.

1. Adopt the program.
The club president, conferring with the board of directors, adopts the campaign.

2. Assign tasks to the Membership Growth Committee members.
Identify five people from the committee to coordinate each of the following areas:

Facilitates the entire process
Develops the prospect list, coordinates sending invitations, and collects responses
Coordinates arrangements, such as the meal preparation, if appropriate, physical set-up, name tags, greeters and materials
Plans the meeting agenda
Arranges for pre-meeting and post-meeting publicity

3. Develop the invitation list.

  • Ask club members to submit contact information for business and professional people who qualify for membership. Using these prospect points, create a list of people you know who would benefit from membership in this new club. Can’t figure out who to ask? Use these prompters to fill your guest list. You might even do a roster analysis to identify gaps in your current membership.
  • Fill out a Prospect profile for each prospective member, or a database for tracking necessary items.
  • Give each board member a copy of the preliminary list for approval. After board approval, mail the invitations well before the meeting date.
  • Contact every club member to ensure maximum attendance. Maybe even invite an inter-club.
  • Have teams of two visit each prospective member. Offer a ride to the meeting. Assign the same team to sit with the prospect during the meeting.

4. Arrange for publicity.

  • Provide information ahead of time to members of the media and invite them to the membership event.
  • Create a club marketing brochure and other materials that will help create awareness for your club.
  • Tie your membership drive to a special event, such as a major service project that requires the need for additional members.

5. Prepare the meeting place.
Some suggestions for a warm reception of members and guests:

  • Appoint greeters to welcome guests to the meeting.
  • Use a table to distribute pre-made nametags.
  • Collect meal cost for Kiwanians only; invitees are guests of the club.
  • Assign seating to mix Kiwanians and guests.
  • Ask members to arrive early to serve as hosts.
  • Hand out a brief fact sheet about the club.
  • Provide each prospect with personalized information about the club and how to join.

6. Plan the agenda.
All speakers must be dynamic and able to present the club and Kiwanis in an appealing way.

Suggested agenda

  • Welcome and introductions. (3 minutes)
  • Future club plans—president: Outline projects to be implemented, demonstrating the club is active and has clear goals. (5 minutes)
  • The Kiwanis experience—main speaker: Remarks about the club and its impact on the community through major service projects and fellowship. The speaker should create a strong desire to get involved. Be open about the benefits and responsibilities of membership so prospective members do not leave with false expectations. (About 20 minutes)
  • The invitation to join.

Membership committee members should remain after the program to answer questions and help prospects fill out the paperwork.

Tip: Ask the speaker or a member to share their “Kiwanis Moment”— a moment that cemented their commitment and belief in Kiwanis. These are very powerful testimonials.

7. Follow up.

Unless there is immediate follow-up, some new members will quickly dropout and undecided individuals will forget. Here are steps the committee should take:

  • Schedule new-member orientation.
  • Assign sponsors or mentors to each new member.
  • Encourage sponsors and new members to attend an upcoming service project.
  • Appoint new members to a committee based on their interests.
  • Add new members and undecided prospects to the club mailing list.
  • Thank all members who assisted.
  • Personally contact all prospects who could not attend or who are still undecided and check in with them periodically with their permission.
  • Keep notes, paperwork and member suggestions for the next membership campaign.