Ongoing recruitment: the ABC recruitment system

Not everyone is a “born salesperson,” but hopefully you have some members who are comfortable “selling” Kiwanis. The ABC recruitment system uses members’ talents and skills where they are best suited—getting the right person in the right job. Here’s how the groups in the system work together:

A. Kiwanis club members
Supply prospect profiles
Invite guests to meetings on a regular basis

B. Membership Growth Committee members 
Create a growth plan for the Kiwanis club
Create a recruitment system for prospects
“Close the sale” with the prospective members

C. Prospective members
Attend a meeting
Make an informed decision to join Kiwanis

Everyone contributes to this ongoing recruitment effort by providing names and background information on some prospective members. Once the groundwork has been laid, only members of the Membership Growth Committee, who are trained and comfortable with inviting people to join the club, do the actual recruiting.

Learn how to develop a Membership Growth Committee in your club.