Service in a box

Your newly formed Kiwanis club has a great opportunity to impact the lives of children and
adults in your community for years to come. To help your club get started, please select one
of the following programs to receive an all-inclusive service kit:

Developing capable, competent and caring leaders through: 
Terrific Kids 
All-Inclusive Starter Kit: contains materials to create a Terrific Kids program at an area school. Kiwanis clubs use the program to recognize students who work with teachers to establish—and meet—goals that promote character development, positive self-esteem, and perseverance.

Item# 97010 
Cost: US$85
 Bring Up Grades
All-Inclusive Starter Kit: contains materials to create a BUG program at an area school. Through BUG, Kiwanis clubs recognize students who raise their grades to an acceptable level and maintain—or continue to raise—their grades from one grading period to another.

Item# 97015 
Cost: US$85 
Charter a K-Kids service club and receive an all inclusive program kit. This kit contains member materials, advisor resources, and tools for starting a K-Kids club in an area elementary school. Sponsored by Kiwanis clubs, K-Kids is the youngest and fastest growing service organization for elementary students worldwide.