Kiwanis New Club Building - Club Counselor Kit Request Form

SLP Kits: If you want to order New Club Building Kits for Aktion Club, Circle K, Key Club, Builder’s Club, or K-Kids, please contact Member Services at 1-800-549-2647, extension 411 or at Thank you!

Instructions (for non-SLP kits)
The club counselor’s kit, in addition to the new-club-building kit ordered previously, contains resources to help the new-club builder and the club counselor in the next steps of the new-club-building process. It also includes helpful materials for the club president, secretary, treasurer and committee chairmen. 

The lieutenant governor of the division, new-club builder or club counselor should complete the form below with specific information regarding the club’s location, schedule for the first meeting and contact information for the club counselor.