7 Steps to opening a new club

Opening a new club can be as easy as following these seven steps. Staying focused on why you joined Kiwanis will make the new-club-building steps fun, rewarding and productive.

  1. Form a new-club team.
    Request a new-club-building kit, connect with support team members and learn about sponsorship expectations.
  2. Evaluate opportunities.
    Conduct a site survey and community analysis, making the case for a new club.
  3. Connect to the community.
    Based on your prospect list and community needs, determine the type of club appropriate for your area and what structure your potential members might enjoy.
  4. Invite members.
    Use recruiting tips and marketing resources to turn your prospect list into a charter member roster.
  5. Get organized.
    Complete the chartering paperwork and plan your organizational meetings using sample meeting agendas.
  6. Educate and train officers.
    Conduct new-member orientation, download leadership resources and order officer training materials.
  7. Support and mentor.
    Learn how a club counselor can guide a club through the first year and find ready-made fundraisers and service projects that can get your club moving in the right direction.