Step 1: Form a new-club team

No need to go it alone, and no need to reinvent the wheel. The lieutenant governor, new-club builder, club counselor and supporting members of the sponsoring club can form a team and follow a game plan.

  • Request a new-club-building kit. Complete the online form to request support resources from Kiwanis International. Once the kit is requested, the regional development strategist will be notified and will contact the club builder to confirm the site.
  • Learn about the role and expectations of the sponsoring club. In order to maintain momentum and excitement, break down the tasks related to new-club sponsorship and tap the talents in your club. The three main responsibilities include:
    • Recruiting new members
    • Mentoring the new club for a year
    • Helping them stabilize and grow in membership

Ready for step 2: Evaluate opportunities.