Step 4: Invite members

Get it together.

Before you go out to meet your prospects, do a little advanced planning to make your team better prepared and more successful.
  • Pare down the prospect list to a manageable number. 50-150 names would be ideal.
  • Target your mailings. Make sure you have correct addresses and e-mail addresses and up-to-date contact names at key businesses.
  • Tailor your message. Prepare a letter of recruitment or a conversation starter that will fit your audience and situation. If you are using e-mail, try to keep it brief and include links to and your own club site, when yours is ready.
  • Create a club marketing brochure. Prospects will have a way to reach you and have something to share with other prospective members.
  • Create a web presence. Design a web site for the new club and put your club on social networking sites like Facebook to generate interest in the new club.

Now you’re talking.

  • Recruit your recruiters. Those chosen to represent Kiwanis to the community should be good listeners with engaging personalities. Form teams of two or three recruiters with complementary personalities.
  • Train recruiting team members on how to convey the Kiwanis message. Everyone should write and practice the One Minute Speech. Everyone has their own Kiwanis story to share, and that’s fine. Just make sure the message is consistent.
  • Use these tips from an experienced new-club builder on whom to target and what to say.
  • Focus on recruiting prospects for at least a week.
  • Once you’ve recruited your key community members, complete the charter petition to start the new-club charter process.

Ready for step 5: Get organized.