Step 8: Follow up
Step 9: Welcome new members

Within a week after the special event, touch base with every guest by phone, email or personal postcard. Do the same for everyone who said they’d come but didn’t, inviting them to the next meeting. Make a personal visit before dropping non-attendees from the follow-up process. And don’t forget, the best person to invite a guest is a new member.

In the month after the event, assign mentors. Mentorship has proven to be a stabilizing force in the process. As soon as a member has indicated intent to join, assign him or her a mentor, who can lead the new member to learn about the club, meet other members and get involved with projects.

Plan an orientation for new members. Orientation is a very important key to membership retention. In many cases, clubs invite spouses too, so they can learn about the organization. Install the new members. Focus the whole meeting on the new members’ installation—with a sincere welcome to your club and an emphasis on getting to know them. Now it’s time to get them involved.

For your convenience, an orientation outline, a PowerPoint presentation for new-member orientation and an induction script are available for download.