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Kathleen Moylan’s formula for sharing Kiwanis with others

Jul 24, 2014
Kathleen Moylan at a charter ceremony

Whether it’s sharing her experiences as a Kiwanian with others, or bringing those experiences to new communities, Kathleen Moylan, a member of the Mason and Fairfield, Ohio Kiwanis Clubs, is one member of The Formula team who lives Kiwanis out loud.

Asked simply, “How do you share your Kiwanis experience with others?” she replied:

How do I not? I am constantly sharing a “Kiwanis moment” or something I have heard about from a fellow Kiwanian.

Kiwanis has allowed me to feel a sense of accomplishment and value. I am using the same skill set from being in the workplace in my volunteer activities. I may have retired from a “paying” job, but being able to utilize those skills and “give back” for all of my blessings is much more meaningful.

As the District Club Opening Chair for Ohio and a lieutenant governor for my division I attend a lot of meetings both locally and around Ohio. I constantly wear Kiwanis attire and/or my Kiwanis badge(s) while on the road. You never know where you will run into someone that maybe received a scholarship from a Kiwanis club, belonged to Key Club years ago, someone with a family member that is involved in Kiwanis. To me, that represents an opportunity to invite a potential new member to a meeting.

Some of my favorite stories to share? My Kiwanis involvement with the SW Georgia WWII Veterans Honors Flights, my involvement with Aktion Clubs, what it feels like when you are able to open a Kiwanis club in a new community.

Once I realized how impactful Kiwanis could be to a community—and I started to truly understand what Kiwanis was all about—I wanted to share it with areas that did not have clubs … The sense of accomplishment when you open a new club is unbelievable. The looks on the faces of the new members, the energy in a room at a charter celebration is incredible. — Courtney Meyer