Achieving Club Excellence

Achieving Club ExcellenceSurvey your members. Analyze your club’s fundraising. Find new ideas for strengthening your club. Do them all using the Achieving Club Excellence tools.

These tools will help your club create opportunities in fundraising, service and fellowship—based on what your members love most. Interested in seeing what the tools tell you?

Use them in the way that benefits your club most. You have two options:

Download the tools—complete with instructions—and have a member of your club lead the exercises.

Use one or all of the tools, depending on your club’s needs. Try this method when you plan to do just an annual club assessment or need ideas for improving one or two aspects of your club experience. 

Request support from a club counselor.

A club counselor is a leader in your division trained to provide support for Kiwanis clubs. He or she can visit your club and serve as a mentor in your quest for excellence. Requesting a visit takes only a minute.