Partner Categories

For Kiwanis International, partnerships are an exciting opportunity—and the right partnerships are paramount. We welcome corporate partnerships that align with our mission and preserve the trust of our members and the communities, children and families we serve. Our partners’ products, services and reputation must:

  • Be compatible with and complementary to Kiwanis’ mission and values.
  • Reflect a high degree of integrity.
  • Demonstrate a track record of high-quality products or services.

Our partners bring value to clubs by providing services and products that enhance service and work in the community. There are multiple levels of partnerships, each with a unique program or product.

Vision Partner

The Vision Partner package is our highest level, year-round partnership package. As a Vision Partner, you’ll have a unique set of opportunities:

  • a toolkit of promotional rights and benefits that will drive business and awareness for your company
  • access to Kiwanis members
  • a Kiwanis-related message for the general public
  • a showcase for your company’s involvement with, and support of, Kiwanis International’s mission
  • exclusive differentiation opportunities

Service Leadership Program co-sponsor

The Service Leadership Program co-sponsor package is a year-round partnership. It’s ideal for companies seeking to reach a specific demographic audience. Our Service Leadership Programs consist of youth programs for elementary, middle and high school students—as well as programs for college and university students, and adults living with disabilities.

Clearly, a Service Leadership Program co-sponsorship is a great way to align your company with a specific Service Leadership Program audience. Co-sponsors will receive:

  • high-level year-round recognition in connection with the sponsored Service Leadership Program
  • the opportunity to build brand awareness and relevance with a sponsored Service Leadership Program audience
  • access to the relevant Kiwanis-family audience

Promotional Partner

In exchange for visibility and recognition within Kiwanis-family clubs, Promotional Partners take an active and visible role in driving awareness of the Kiwanis brand and mission. Campaigns can be created by the Promotional Partner, co-created with Kiwanis or tied to an existing Kiwanis program area.

Preferred Charity

As Kiwanis International Preferred Charities, partnering organizations commit to providing various in-kind promotion and access benefits. In exchange, organizations are recognized as Kiwanis International Preferred Charities, and Kiwanis will encourage local club support via fundraising and service projects.

Community Partner

With a community partnership, Kiwanis International and an organization with a compatible mission help maximize each other's impact. Kiwanis International receives in-kind promotion from its Community Partners, and Kiwanis club members get access to partner-specific benefits. In turn, we recognize and promote that organization as a Kiwanis International Community Partner—and we encourage Kiwanis clubs to get involved with the partner at the local level.

Cause Marketing Partner

The Kiwanis family is large, diverse and eager for inspiration. As a Kiwanis International Cause Marketing Partner, an organization whose mission aligns with ours makes an annual financial investment. In return, our partner gets marketing rights and opportunities to mobilize Kiwanis family members in support of a specific cause-marketing campaign.

Club Resources

As Kiwanis clubs work in their communities to raise funds and conduct service projects, they often need resources—from products to services. To assist our clubs in getting the most for their service dollar, we have partnered with select companies that can provide product or services at a reduced rate for our club members. In exchange, companies are introduced to Kiwanis clubs as potential customers for their service project needs.

Become a partner

Join us—and become a part of changing children’s lives. We’re eager to help you learn more about a customized corporate partnership designed to help you reach your marketing objectives.

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