Terms and Conditions for District Grants


District grants support new or ongoing service projects within at least one of the following Children's Fund cause areas: health and nutrition, education and literacy, and youth leadership development.

All Children’s Fund grant activities must:

  • Relate to the mission of the Kiwanis Children’s Fund: To develop resources that transform the goodwill and vision of Kiwanians into programs that serve the children of the world.
  • Include the active participation of Kiwanians.
  • Exclude any liability to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund or Kiwanis International beyond the funding amount of the grant.
  • Exclusively fund activities that have been reviewed and approved by the Children’s Fund before implementation. Grants may not be used to reimburse districts for activities already completed. Planning for grant activities prior to approval is encouraged, but expenses may not be incurred until the grant is approved. After grant approval, any changes to the original project plan must be pre-approved by the Kiwanis Children’s Fund.*

Grants may be used to provide higher education scholarships or to sponsor attendance at a Kiwanis family leadership experience. Grant funds can also be used to pay a district pledge to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund or to make a direct donation to the Children’s Fund. District chairs who are interested in this option should contact the Children’s Fund staff at [email protected] for details.

Grants cannot be used to discriminate against any group or to promote a political or religious viewpoint.

In addition, grants cannot fund:

  • The establishment of a foundation, permanent trust, or long-term interest-bearing account.
  • Expenses related to Kiwanis events such as presentations or programs at district conventions or other major conferences or events within a district.
  • Purchase of land or buildings.
  • Fundraising activities.
  • Activities primarily implemented by an organization other than Kiwanis. (A project’s direct beneficiaries must be children, not another organization or entity.)
  • Public relations initiatives unless they are an essential part of the project implementation.
  • Project signage.
  • Operating, administrative or indirect program expenses of a non-Kiwanis organization.
  • Unrestricted cash donations to a beneficiary or cooperating organization.
  • Projects that create a profit.
  • Projects deemed unethical by the Kiwanis Children’s Fund, such as medical experiments.

How to apply for the grant
To receive a grant from the Kiwanis Children's Fund, all districts must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Be in good standing with Kiwanis International and the Kiwanis Children's Fund.
  • Have a verified bank account in the district's name.
  • Have no outstanding requirements from a previous grant.
  • Detail how the Children’s Fund will be promoted at the district convention through presentations and programs that highlight the use of the district grant, the benefits of giving to the Children’s Fund and programs available through the Children’s Fund.

Grant application information is sent to Children’s Fund district chairs to coordinate the program on behalf of their districts. District chairs are responsible for submitting any documents requested in the grant application (e.g., confirmation of the district's bank account, a signed IRS Form W-9). To be considered, complete grant applications must be received no later than March 1. Note: Districts must have a minimum grant award amount of US$500 to participate in this program.

How grants are funded
Grant awards equal 5% of a district's total undesignated giving from the previous Kiwanis year. This includes gifts from individuals, clubs and other entities within the district to the Children’s Fund. Grant award amounts are calculated at the beginning of each Kiwanis year after all gifts have been processed.

Grant funds are paid to North American districts via ACH transfer or check sent by postal mail to the address provided in the grant application. Grants outside of North America are typically paid via wire transfer to the district’s verified bank account. Grant payments must be spent by October 1.

*The Kiwanis Children's Fund may modify the terms and conditions of the grant at any time.

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