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Frequently asked questions about Kiwanis' role in fighting maternal and neonatal tetanus

What was The Eliminate Project? In 2010, Kiwanis International joined UNICEF and UNICEF USA to fight maternal and neonatal tetanus by raising money through The Eliminate Project. In 2015, Kiwanis, UNICEF and UNICEF USA renewed the agreement for an additional five years. The Eliminate Project partnership ended on December 31, 2020. Kiwanis remains committed to saving and protecting mothers and babies at risk of MNT.

Have we eliminated MNT? Kiwanis helped eliminate MNT in 27 countries, but mothers and babies in parts of 12 countries remain at risk of the disease. Kiwanis will keep working to save and protect these moms and babies, as well as support sustainability work in countries where MNT has been eliminated. 

What did The Eliminate Project accomplish? The Kiwanis family raised money for lifesaving vaccines, health education, safe birth environments and more — all for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable populations. In fact, the world has seen a 57% decrease in the number of babies dying annually of MNT since Kiwanis joined the fight. Millions of women can now give birth without fear of their babies dying from this horrible disease. That’s worth celebrating! 

How much money did the Kiwanis family raise? Through its global community of clubs and members, the Kiwanis family — including its Service Leadership Programs — raised and leveraged more than US$117 million for The Eliminate Project.  

Can we still support the fight against MNT? Yes! Every year, 25,000 babies die of this preventable disease. We will continue to fight MNT until the infant mortality rate reaches zero. And we will continue to provide funding to sustain our elimination efforts. Gifts can be made at

How will gifts designated for MNT elimination be used? These donations will support the elimination of the disease through grants made at the discretion of the Kiwanis Children's Fund. 

What is the global strategy for eliminating MNT in the remaining 12 countries? According to UNICEF, the most effective strategies for eliminating MNT are:

  • Routine immunization of all pregnant women.
  • Supplemental immunization of women of reproductive age in high-risk areas. 
  • Improve clean delivery coverage.
  • Case detection and surveillance.  

Go here to read more about the global strategy. 

Will Kiwanis International do another global campaign? Kiwanis is actively working to address the health needs of children through our worldwide network of volunteers and clubs. We remain committed to the elimination of MNT and iodine deficiency disorders.

Do clubs, districts and individuals need to keep paying toward their pledges? Although all pledges were closed at the end of The Eliminate Project, clubs, individuals and districts can still make donations to help mothers and babies at risk of MNT. (Please note: the Kiwanis Children’s Fund is no longer offering Walter Zeller Fellowships.) 


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