Top Five District Scholarship


This scholarship program is by invitation only for districts determined eligible by the Kiwanis Childrenʹs Fund. Scholarship program information is sent only to Childrenʹs Fund district chairs to coordinate the scholarship payment process on behalf of their districts.

How they’re awarded
Placement in the top five district scholarship program is based on districts’ per-member giving average of unrestricted gifts to the Kiwanis Children’s Fund annual campaign between October 1 and September 30 by individuals, clubs and other entities within districts. Scholarship awards are available in the following administrative year.

What they support
The top five districts are eligible to receive scholarships to assist with recipients’ post-secondary education expenses as follows:

Top District

  • Five (5) US$2,000 higher education scholarships

Second Place

  • Four (4) US$1,500 higher education scholarships

Third Place

  • Three (3) US$1,000 higher education scholarships

Fourth Place

  • Two (2) US$1,000 higher education scholarships

Fifth Place

  • One (1) US$1,000 higher education scholarship

How districts request scholarships
This scholarship program is by invitation only. Program information is sent to Kiwanis Children's Fund district chairs for the top five districts. Each district chair coordinates the scholarship program on behalf of his/her district.

Important dates
December 1 – Grant applications sent to district chairs by this date
July 1 – Deadline for district chairs to submit Top Five District Scholarship Program application
August 31 – Deadline for scholarships to be paid to students
October 1 – Deadline for district chairs to submit scholarship recipient report

Contact us with questions at [email protected] or call 1-800-KIWANIS, ext. 225 (U.S. and Canada) or +1-317-217-6225 (worldwide).

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