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During the 103rd Kiwanis International Convention, Kiwanis members from around the world came together to support The Eliminate Project. Generous donors put forth US$100,000 to challenge Kiwanians to raise $100,000 during convention. After surpassing that goal, an additional $100,000 was unlocked from donors. Kiwanians came through with even more.

The MNT Challenge raised $502,282.72 to save and protect mothers and babies worldwide against maternal and neonatal tetanus!

You still can accept the challenge, because the sooner the money comes in, the faster we can make a difference.

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These donors challenge you to give

MNT Challenge donorsThey are committed philanthropists and dedicated volunteers. But what unites them even more is their desire to see their good works go further.

This charitable group of donors is putting forth US$100,000 to challenge Kiwanis members to raise an additional US$100,000 during the Kiwanis International convention in Las Vegas. That means the money donated will have double the impact on saving and protecting lives from maternal and neonatal tetanus.

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