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Volunteers give a part of themselves. They invest their time, energy and skills to make a difference in their communities. Being able to make a difference brings a sense of satisfaction worth more than money. The paycheck for volunteer work performed is much less tangible, but oftentimes more valuable — friendships among members, a sense of self-worth and the feeling of being appreciated, to name a few.

Recognizing a person’s value, investment and contribution is key to retaining members — and motivating them to stay invested in your club. You can recognize exceptional members with any of the following awards.

For additional information on these forms of recognition, call Kiwanis International at 1-800-KIWANIS (U.S. and Canada) or +1-317-875-8755 (worldwide), ext. 411. Or email [email protected].

Ruby K Award

Honor Kiwanians who invite five or more new members during their Kiwanis career with a Ruby K Award, free of charge. Ruby K pins recognize members for inviting new members — from five to 100 people. (Further Ruby K awards are given for multiples of 25 over 100.) The award is cumulative, so previous recipients are eligible for a new Ruby K when they invite additional members. Submit an application.

Distinguished members and clubs

Kiwanis International gives “distinguished” awards to individual Kiwanians and clubs that meet established criteria that demonstrate special dedication to service, membership strength and Kiwanis education. Distinguished members receive a lapel pin. Distinguished clubs receive lapel pins for the president and secretary, along with a patch for the club's banner. Submit an application.

Life membership

Thank a member who has demonstrated exemplary commitment to The Objects of Kiwanis and mission of Kiwanis International with life member status. A gold-tone membership card, desktop award, distinctive lapel pin and lifelong exemption from Kiwanis International dues are some of the ways life members are honored. Learn more.

Legion of Honor

Honor members who have served in Kiwanis for 25 years or more with the Legion of Honor award. They deserve recognition for helping to make Kiwanis the great organization it is today. Certificates signed by the Kiwanis International president and executive director, as well as lapel pins that reflect the highest office held by the honoree, are available for presentation. Purchase Legion of Honor awards.

Robert P. Connelly Medal of Heroism

The Robert P. Connelly Medal of Heroism is awarded to an individual who has risked or given his or her life to save someone else. The medal has honored more than 600 individuals, each of whom has exemplified the supreme sacrifice given by Connelly — a Kiwanis member who died in an attempt to save a woman's life. Potential recipients are nominated by Kiwanis clubs within one year of their heroic acts.

Robert P. Connelly, 34, a member of the Kiwanis Club of Lisle, Illinois, lost his life on September 23, 1966, as he attempted to rescue a woman who had fallen into the path of a passenger train. Both died in the accident. The Robert P. Connelly Medal of Heroism was created during the 1967 Kiwanis International convention. The award notes that Connelly was “the epitome of all that Kiwanis strives to be.”

To submit a name for consideration of the Connelly Medal, please complete the online submission form.

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