Life member status provides a unique opportunity for acknowledging Kiwanians who qualify for special recognition. Individuals who achieve life member status are those who perpetuate the Objects of Kiwanis and objectives of Kiwanis International. Recipients must hold active membership in a currently chartered Kiwanis club.

A club may apply for life member status to honor its president or any other club member. A family or friend may apply through a club. A division may apply to honor its lieutenant governor or past lieutenant governor. A district may apply to honor a district officer, past or present. In exceptional situations, recognition shall be granted at the discretion of the executive director on behalf of the Kiwanis International Board of Trustees.

An application for life member status by a club or an individual is subject to the approval of the club’s board of directors and must be signed by the president or secretary of the club. District and division recognition must be approved, and application signed by the governor or district secretary. Applications must be made in the name of the individual who is to achieve life member status, not in the name of the office.

Each member granted life member status receives a gold-tone personalized membership card. Each card is individually numbered, and a permanent record is maintained at the Kiwanis International Office. A blue acrylic desktop award is provided for display. A life member lapel pin is also issued for the member to wear when attending Kiwanis functions. It is appropriate that these mementos be presented at a meeting of the member’s home club or at a division or district meeting.

The cost of life member status is a one-time fee of US$780 (15 times annual dues), payable upon application. Life member status is achieved and the mementos are forwarded when payment is received. (Please note: this amount is subject to change in the event Kiwanis International membership fees change.)

Once Life Member Status has been achieved, the member’s primary club will never again be required to pay Kiwanis International dues for that member. (Members who belong to more than one club shall designate which club is their primary club.) Life Member Status has no effect, however, on payment of liability insurance, the subscription to Kiwanis Magazine or club and district dues.

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