It’s important to think about what visitors want to know and need to know when you're creating or updating your club's website.

Who you are: Is it immediately clear who you are, what you do and how you make the community a better place when a visitor lands on your page? Write a few sentences about your club's mission and purpose.

What you do: Make sure you list upcoming dates of projects or events. This could be a way a future member could get involved with your club.

When you meet: List your club meeting time and location prominently near the top of the home page. Consider also listing the topic or featured speaker for each meeting.

Where you are: Put your club city and state near the top of the page. There are Kiwanis clubs in communities around the world. Make your club's location clear to the user.

Contact information: Don't force users to click around to find this information. Include a contact person's name, email address and phone number. Also consider putting information about how long it takes to respond to inquiries. Aim for 24-48 hours maximum.


Use graphics and images to deliver information and make an emotional connection with website viewers. Compelling photos and videos tell your story best. They show what Kiwanians do and who they serve. They move the heart and inspire action.

If you’re taking new photography, we recommend candid poses or those showcasing genuine expressions. Use your photography to demonstrate impact and leadership within the community. Capture special moments from various service events showcasing your members making a difference.

Kiwanis International has photos and graphics you can use on your website. Kiwanis owns the copyright to this material. You can find the material on the brand page.


  • Use the official Kiwanis International wordmark and seal. Refer to the Kiwanis International brand book.
  • Get a Kiwanis logo with your club's name on it for free at
  • Take care to select a website address/URL (also called a domain name) that is short, easy to remember and makes sense to your users.
  • Link to your club’s social media channels.

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