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Club Email

Regular communication with your club members is vital to keeping them engaged and interested. There are several email providers who make it easy to upload the Kiwanis template, add your words and images and send to your club.

Recommended Email Providers

Print Materials

We’ve made it easy for your club to let people know about your next event. Use these templates for all your needs, whether you need to tell your membership, find media or business sponsors, or inform the community where to be and when.

Club Meeting Poster Template


Event Flyer template

PowerPoint presentations

It's easy to create a PowerPoint presentation using the current Kiwanis branding. There are several options you can use.

Photos for clubs and districts

The Kiwanis photo management system is now available for use by clubs and districts. We have uploaded images from the branding campaign and will continue to add new photos as they become available. Kiwanis owns the rights to these images and they can be used in print materials, online and on social media.

To use the photo management system, go to kiwanis.photoshelter.com, then:

  • Click on Galleries (upper left corner).
  • Click on Public – there are three options: KI Board; KI Past Presidents and Kiwanis International photos for club use. 
  • Click on Kiwanis International photos for club use, and you will enter the photo gallery.
  • Click on the image you want and hit the download button (lower right corner).
  • A window will pop up, click the the "gallery password" tab.
  • You will be prompted to enter a password: Enter Kiwanis (make sure the "K" is capitalized).
  • Select the file type/size you want and it will automatically download to your computer. Choose the file size based on how the photograph will be used. Original size will work best for a larger piece such as a banner; the smaller size will be adequate for use on a social media site or a web page.

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