Create a club vision statement


People, companies and organizations around the world affiliate themselves with Kiwanis because of a shared passion for improving communities, and particularly the lives of children. How Kiwanis clubs choose to do that varies depending on the needs of the community, the resources available, the interests of their members and the partnerships they form.

Create a vision statement for your club and create common goals for the service you pursue. A club's vision statement reveals where it wants to be in the future, how it will be regarded, and what impact will it have on the community.

A club’s vision statement should:

Establishing this vision describes how your club will accomplish Kiwanis’ mission. More specifically, it will help your club wow current and future members, so they are enthusiastic about sharing the club experience with others.


Some group reflection at your next club meeting could be eye-opening and motivational. It can also help energize your members’ commitment to the club’s vision. At an upcoming club meeting, use the following prompts to encourage members to share what makes the club special and to think about the reasons, people and partnerships that will keep it going. You can also use this community needs analysis tool to explore what’s needed most in your area.




Once you have gathered this information, draft a vision statement that can be shared, edited and then adopted by your board. The club should discuss what action to take make the vision become reality.

Vision Partners

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