Just add water: Legacy of Play H2o Contest


Kiwanis International, in partnership with Landscape Structures Inc., is offering a new contest for clubs: Legacy of Play H2O.

This contest is similar to the annual Legacy of Play contest, but this time clubs can enter to win a splash pad instead of a playground. Splash pads are easy, fast and less expensive ways to update an aquatic feature or create a new one.  

Check out the new AquaSmart™ Packages to see if any would benefit your community. Powered by HydroLogix™, these splash pad designs eliminate the need for costly electrical installation.  

With one push of a button, the entire splash pad comes to life. When the water shuts off, kids turn it into a game as they race back to start the splashing all over again.

AquaSmart™ packages are sized for smaller pocket parks, childcare facilities and compact urban areas. They are the perfect addition to a playground or alongside a larger splash pad.

Legacy of Play H2O will award one club US$50,000 to help complete its project. Browse through the library of packages and start planning your contest entry.

How the contest works:

  • Prepare your entry. 
  • Submit your entry from February 1 through 11:59:59 p.m. EST, February 28, 2022. Entries will be reviewed by Kiwanis staff before appearing publicly in the list of submissions.
  • Voting for the winning entry will take place between March 3 and noon EST March 17, 2022. You and your club members — and community — can vote more than once! The 10 projects with the most votes by noon EST, March 17 will move to the final round with a panel of Kiwanis judges. The winner will be announced on or around March 26, 2022.
  • Review the official rules.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered by the $50,000 from Landscape Structures in the H2O contest?
The US$50,000 prize will go toward the purchase of an AquaSmart™ Package. The package includes a HydroLogix® system, which is everything needed to run a splash pad. In addition to the mechanical system, the package includes ground sprays, above-ground products and a pre-engineered plumbing system.

What are the average extra costs associated with project completion?
To complete a splash pad project, you will incur installation costs such as earth work, concrete subbase, installation of water and plumbing, concrete pad, installation of structures and jets and system start-up. The total cost for these materials and labor starts at about $40,000. As with the Legacy of Play Contest for playgrounds, clubs are welcome to reach out to community members for donations of materials and/or labor. Once the project is complete, the splash pad’s operating costs include spring start-up, daily maintenance and water usage and winterization.

What is the length of time for installation?
Plan for at least 30 days to complete the installation of the splash pad. That includes the time needed for the concrete base to cure. Installation and start-up for the above-ground product itself could be completed over a few weekends.

In addition to water, what infrastructure must be in place for installation? 
The site will need to be prepared with plumbing for water and drainage. No electrical is needed.


Legacy of Play H2O Contest

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