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Teacher Appreciation Day

In 2019, Teacher Appreciation Day is Tuesday, May 7. It's a great opportunity to honor teachers and show them how important they are to our communities.

Teacher Appreciation Day is a great opportunity to work with your SLP clubs to plan something special for the day. Can your club help students make cards for all the teachers in their school? Can you help the students deliver flowers to all the teachers? Can a K-Kids, Builders or Key Club put on a skit for the teachers? Or sing a song? Just make sure you’re working with the school administration on the event.

Use these images on your social media accounts to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day.

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Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day
Aktion Club
Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day
Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Day
Builder's Club
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Circle K
Celebrate teachers with this social media asset
Key Club
Celebrate teachers with this social media asset

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