Youth Protection Week


Kiwanis International observes Youth Protection Week annually, giving Kiwanis clubs the opportunity to conduct important youth protection training and evaluate the club’s compliance.

In 2020, Youth Protection Week is October 5-9. This year Kiwanis will offer additional training from Praesidium, which will provide outstanding information for all volunteers.

Nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of those we serve — and of the Kiwanians who serve them. Your club’s efforts during Youth Protection Week are crucial to the commitment that all Kiwanians must share. 

Educate Members

During the week, train members on youth protection at your Kiwanis club meeting. After completing the training, you and your club members should be able to:

  • Understand the Youth Protection Guidelines.

  • Identify troubling behavior or abuse.

  • Respond appropriately if a child discloses abuse to you or if you witness troubling behavior.

Visit to find all of resources for leading a training session and much more! Kiwanis members can also access the online version of the training to review it on their own time.

Once the training is completed for the Kiwanis year, the Kiwanis secretary should indicate this on the reporting dashboard.

Again, thank you for protecting young people — and the Kiwanians who work with them. You’re strengthening the Kiwanis family’s continuing status as a leader in building the next generation of service.

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