Update your digital presence

Put your club's best face forward with these five steps.

1.  Take a look at your club’s logo. It might seem like a little thing, but the logo is how people quickly identify Kiwanis. Identifying us is easier when our logos match.

2.  Take a look at your club’s website.

  • Is it up to date with information about when/where you meet? Contact information? Service projects?
  • Besides updating information, do you need something fun and fresh to attract interest? Visit kiwanis.org/brand to download ready-to-use Kids Need Kiwanis materials!
  • Don’t have a website? Request a free club website here. And follow these tips.  

3.  Take a look at your club’s social media. Your Facebook page might be the first place someone goes to find out about your club. Make sure it’s a great place to “visit.”

  • When was your last post? Is your contact information correct?
  • Add some posts and pictures from your last service project.
  • Use your social media channels to show how fun and active your clubs is. Use the Kids Need Kiwanis videos as an easy, eye-catching post opportunity.
  • Use ready-to-run social media cover photos and “social media squares” that are right-sized and ready for you at www.kiwanis.org/brand. Just scroll down to the Kids Need Kiwanis area.
  • Don’t know what to post? Use this schedule to copy/paste posts to run the same day Kiwanis International will post them—complete with hashtags, handles, links and sometimes even images for you to use!
  • Don’t know where to start with social media for your club? Start here with these useful tips for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube!

4.  Use the ready-to-run Kids Need Kiwanis videos, ads and more! Visit kiwanis.org/brand where you will find 30-second videos that can run as TV ads, public service announcements or as quick videos for your social media or website. These belong to you as a member to use on your own social media or your club’s.

  • Download the videos to play on your club’s website or use them as fun posts on your club and personal social media. You can download them and play them directly in your Facebook or use the links you’ll find from our website.
  • Download the print ads as great images you can use on your website or post via social media. Or place them in your local newspaper.
  • Download billboards, social media assets and even radio commercials, in addition to the videos. See if you can get a local billboard company, radio station or TV station to donate space to play the ads! Let Kiwanis International know if you need a special file for a billboard or TV spot. Contact [email protected].  

5.  Be ready to respond to inquiries from prospective members. When you step up your PR-game, the goal is to see an increase in awareness.

  • When someone shows interest in your club, be ready to act immediately. Invite them to a meeting and service project right away.
  • Make them feel special and welcome.
  • Make sure you follow up and stay in touch.
  • Find more tips for engaging prospective members here.

For questions or help, email us at [email protected] or contact your district’s PR coordinator.

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