Licensing and registered trademarks

Public recognition and trust of the Kiwanis name and the several other Kiwanis-family registered trademarks are among the most valuable assets of our organization. The trust that the public places in Kiwanis-family service projects and fund-raising efforts can be threatened if unauthorized use of these marks is permitted. A basic principle of international trademark law is that organizations can lose their exclusive rights to use their registered trademarks if they fail to adequately protect the marks from unauthorized use. Failure to protect our marks could result in outsiders jeopardizing the public’s trust in Kiwanis.

It is the responsibility of every Kiwanian and other Kiwanis-family members to ensure that the registered marks continue to epitomize the respect and reputation that Kiwanis entities have earned over the years. Protecting these trademarks from unauthorized use demands the highest priority.

To improve the protection of Kiwanis trademarks while still allowing latitude for Kiwanis family members to use the marks, the Kiwanis International Board revised the “Use of Name of Emblem” Policy C., 4. in October 1992 to require that all merchandise that is:

Marked with a Kiwanis-family (Kiwanis, Key Club, Circle K, Builders Club, Kiwanis Kids, or Aktion Club) name or emblem, and Purchased or manufactured for resale.

Must be purchased exclusively from the Kiwanis International Family Store or from an official licensee authorized by Kiwanis International to manufacture, sell, or distribute merchandise bearing a Kiwanis-family emblem.

If your club purchases merchandise marked with a Kiwanis-family emblem, your supplier (or your Kiwanis organization) must have a license to produce and sell these items.

License applications are available upon request from the Corporate Relations Department. For more information, send us an email or call us at 317-875-8755 (worldwide), ext. 177 or 800-KIWANIS (US and Canada), ext. 177.

Another important reason for making your purchase only from approved sources is that each licensee carries product liability insurance that protects your club and Kiwanis International. If, for instance, a person became ill or was injured due to the consumption or use of your Kiwanis-family marked product, the licensee’s insurance would cover the liability. Kiwanis-family members are further urged to report to the Executive Director suspected unauthorized use of the trademarks.

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