There are many ways Kiwanis clubs can get media coverage. In addition to your scheduled and planned programs and events, try brainstorming ideas for news stories and then measure your ideas against the following criteria.

  • Timeliness
    • What news in happening in your club?
    • Did an event or announcement happen recently to Kiwanis or your club?
    • Will your club host an event in the near future?
    • Is there any way to tie your announcement or event to a current event or holiday?
    • Did your club recently experience an anniversary or noteworthy milestone?
  • Proximity
    • Is the Kiwanis event or announcement taking place in the local area covered by the media outlet or station you are targeting?
    • Is this event a first for your club? The county? The region? The world?
  • Impact
    • Will it affect many people?
    • Will it affect a specific group in need?
    • Who will be involved? Club members? Volunteers? Event attendees? The public? Kiwanis partners?
  • Importance
    • Is this announcement important to people in your community? Why, and why should it matter to them now?
    • Is your club making any donations in the near future? How will these donations be used to help the community?
  • Novelty
    • Is the event or announcement unusual? 
    • Can you connect your event/announcement with a local celebrity or elected official?
    • Is there an opportunity to bring in a media personality to assist with your event? 

Make the media an event partner

If your club is planning a big event, you might want to reach out to your local media about becoming a partner. Television stations may be willing to create a 30-second public service announcement commercial. Radio stations may be willing to read a 30-second public service announcement script on-air. This extra publicity can really drive awareness and attendance for your club’s efforts.

Each media outlet’s policies for partnerships will vary, so when you begin planning your next event, give your local media a call and inquire.

Visit for examples of radio public service announcements, including a customizable version.


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