Kiwanis Brochures

Looking to create a buzz about your Kiwanis club? Use brochures to share information about Kiwanis, invite potential members and build relationships with community supporters.

Select from these options:

  • Fill in the blank. Answer a few questions and we’ll create a personalized brochure and provide 50 copies for free! (Additional quantities in sets of 50 are available for a small cost.)
  • Use the template. Customize your message — with this fillable document. Add details about your club and its role in your community — as well as meeting times and location. Save it and have it printed locally.
  • Invitation only. Simply looking for something to help you invite others? Order the standard “Join us” brochure, which contains a membership application.
  • Put up a flyer. Fill in your club name, meeting time, date, location and place this flyer up around the community. This template works great for community bulletin boards.
  • Extend a special welcome. Show your friends, family or colleagues what Kiwanis means to you. These invitations in postcard or business card size can help you do just that. (We’ll print your customized invitations for you if you answer a few questions and pay a small fee.)
  • What is Kiwanis? Use this highly-produced brochure to explain the benefits of Kiwanis to community, civic and business leaders. You may order the Accomplish brochure from the Kiwanis Family Store or print it yourself. Here's the file designed for 11 by 17 inch paper, with printing on the front and back. Or use this version to print four individual pages
  • Thank you. These fun thank-you stickers can be used at meetings and events to thank members for making a difference in their community. 

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