Build a relationship with the host site

Having a good relationship with the school/host site will determine how well the club meets it's purpose of serving the community. A meeting with the principal/facility manager, faculty/facility advisor, Kiwanis advisor and the Kiwanis club president is recommended. Including the club president is a good idea as well. This meeting should be held prior to the start of the school year.

Use the following as a guide for your annual meeting:

  • Re-introduce key players and reaffirm the roles played by the school/site and the sponsoring organization. Make sure you ask about any relevant updates to school/site policies and personnel.
  • Thank the school/site for hosting the SLP club and show appreciation for the faculty/facility advisor.
  • Review the previous year, inviting the school/site staff to share their perspectives first.
  • Request ideas from the school/site for how both the SLP and the sponsoring club can be most effective in their roles.
  • Provide feedback to the school/site staff as necessary, including constructive ideas for improving the club experience.

Another key way to build the relationship with the host school/site is to invite staff to attend Kiwanis meetings and make it easy for them to become members. Some Kiwanis clubs subsidize membership fees for these key individuals. Some Kiwanis clubs also provide a small stipend or professional development funds to their faculty advisors as a sign of appreciation.

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