Build a relationship with your SLP club

The reason Service Leadership Programs are sponsored initiatives is because there is tremendous learning and growth that occurs through the mentoring relationships the SLP members have with the sponsoring organization members. The sponsoring Kiwanis club/organization should seize this opportunity to build a strong relationship by doing the following:

  1. Have Kiwanis/sponsoring organization members attend SLP club meeting and events.
    The advisor will always attend these meetings, but when others attend as well, that sends a nice message regarding the depth of the support the sponsor wants to provide.
  2. Host or participate in joint activities. 
    Make sure your SLP clubs are included in the planning and execution of your service projects, and be willing and open to be involved in theirs. The same is true for other social, recreational and fundraising events. Your presence at SLP functions reinforces the concept of the Kiwanis family and encourages SLP members to continue participating in organizations like Kiwanis throughout their lives.
  3. Invite SLP club members to your organization’s meetings.
    In addition to reinforcing your partnership with the SLP club, you and your fellow club members model servant leadership for your SLP members and inviting them to your meetings opens the relationship to parents and other adult volunteers involved with the club. Also, spending time with SLP members allows you to see the impact of your service!
  4. Meet with SLP club leadership.
    A joint meeting between the leadership of the sponsoring Kiwanis club and SLP club provides an excellent opportunity to bond, plan and grow as a family unit. If possible, the meeting should include incoming board members and officers as well as the committee chairmen for each club who will be serving during the upcoming year.

    A casual, comfortable setting such as a picnic, cookout or backyard gathering during summer months would be ideal for:
  • Review and evaluation of the previous year
  • Goal-setting and strategizing for accomplishing joint goals
  • Budgeting and fundraising planning
  • Organizing joint projects

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