Bully prevention resources

Step Up bully prevention video

Help younger children understand how to stand up to bullies, diffuse a tense situation with another student and ask a teacher for help.

The toxic impact of stress
Stress negatively impacts youth making it easier to bully and impeding their ability to cope and learn. Learn more through these Kiwanis Magazine articles: Stress Test and Pressure Points.

Project Happiness

Project Happiness employs neuroscience, positive psychology and mindfulness to give teens the tools they need to find, identify and share happiness. Happier, more fulfilled, and more generous people are the best answer to the bullying problem. As the school community becomes fueled by kindness, bullying decreases.

Terrific Kids bully prevention page
Check out the Terrific Kids bully prevention page for media coverage of the bullying problem, tools for students and school administrators, links to service project ideas, info about cyberbullying, PowerPoint presentations and more.

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