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Key Leader, a Kiwanis International program, gives high school students an opportunity to experience the personal development, growth and fellowship that are the cornerstones of Kiwanis and its high school service program, Key Club.

During their three days at a Key Leader weekend, students from 14 to 18 years of age explore new ideas, accomplish exciting challenges and build enduring friendship in a safe, supportive environment.

Being a Key Leader is all about achieving excellence and becoming a true leader—at home, at school, in the community—and in the world.

Key Leader is grounded on the core values of the Kiwanis family and guided by these five principles:
  • Personal Integrity—Doing the right thing
  • Personal Growth—Developing in mind, body and spirit
  • Respect—Showing consideration for self, others and property
  • Building Community—Developing relationships to achieve positive goals
  • Pursuit of Excellence—Expecting and achieving the best

Kiwanis club involvement is important. Key Leader has been instrumental in growing new clubs—Key Clubs and even Kiwanis clubs—and helping current clubs add new members. Refer to for current pricing information. Kiwanis clubs that may not have the time or size to sponsor a Service Leadership Program often sponsor a student (or more) on a Key Leader weekend and make a difference in their lives. Your club could even sponsor a student or two for any amount.

Start by arranging a meeting with school counselors, Boys & Girls Clubs or any youth program to identify students with leadership potential. After the student(s) have been selected, be sure to send a letter congratulating them on their selection to the Key Leader program.

All event locations can be found on the Key Leader Web site at The registration page also includes an adult option for you to volunteer for one of these amazing weekends. This is a terrific way to meet and bond with a younger generation and witness firsthand the power of a Key Leader weekend. Marketing materials and more information can also be found on the Web site.

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