We believe true leadership is servant leadership


Servant Leadership is a philosophy that flips traditional leadership models upside down. As a servant leader, you serve those who work with you. You spend your time as a leader encouraging and developing them. It creates more engaged and purpose-driven students, volunteers and employees.   

Maximize your potential as a leader

Key Leader helps you take your leadership skills to the next level. Our program empowers students and adults to become more caring and confident servant leaders. Through team-building activities, group discussions and personal reflection, you’ll discover your values, how you relate to others and how you can collaborate, lead and problem-solve to achieve more for yourself, your schools and your communities.

Virtual Key Leader will introduce you to the concepts behind Key Leader and give you an opportunity to embrace your own leadership abilities. (Note: Virtual Key Leader is written for those in grade 8 to 12, but the lessons are applicable to a wide range of ages. We encourage adults to participate in the activities with their students or children.)

At the end of this activity, you’ll know more about these six principles:


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