Additional leadership education opportunities for Circle K

  • Division council meetings
    Division council meetings are conducted at least quarterly. All Circle K members are invited to this training event. To learn more, check out your district’s Circle K website or contact [email protected].
  • District conventions
    District Conventions are conducted in each district in February or March. At these events, members have the opportunity to improve their skills through team-building activities, workshops and officer training positions at all levels. For more information, contact your Circle K district administrator, refer to the conventions page at or email [email protected].
  • International convention
    International convention is conducted each summer. Participants can learn from compelling keynote speakers, tour the service fair and network with other Circle K members to discover great service projects. Check out for information about the service fair and the convention service projects.
  • Large Scale Service Project
    Circle K members from around the world join together to participate in three days of service projects and a day of fellowship. The projects are new each year, so check out for more information.
  • Leadership Academy
    CKI Leadership Academy is a six-day event focusing on the E6 framework created by Brendon Burchard, author of The Student Leadership Guide. Facilitators walk students through the steps to envision, enlist, embody, empower, evaluate and encourage. Students learn that true leadership is based on servant leadership, which requires leaders to put the needs of others first, and to realize that no matter whether or not you have a title, there is always a need for service to one another and to the world. This opportunity is available to any member if a Circle K club. Emerging leaders of a club are highly encouraged to attend. To learn more, contact [email protected].
  • Additional district training
    The training opportunities in each district vary, so please refer your district administrator to learn about unique trainings for members and advisors.

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