A Kiwanis club or community organization starting and hosting a SLP club

Here are the basic expectations:

Here’s what you need to do to start a club:

Step 1: Decide where the club should be hosted. Most clubs are school-based (except for Aktion Club). So, based on the club you want to start, find the school or community organization that makes sense.

Step 2: Ensure that you have set aside funds in your budget to support the program.

Step 3: Identify one or more organization members to be the community advisor. You might consider someone who has an interest in service or leadership development, or perhaps was a program participant when they were a student. They will need to be available for club meetings. Note: In Kiwanis clubs, this person is often called the “Kiwanis advisor.”

Step 4: Meet with the school or site administrators to introduce the program and see if they are willing to be a host. Ensure they understand their commitments, namely the appointment of a faculty or staff member to be the club advisor.

Step 5: Help the host site recruit the charter members and choose the charter officers.

Step 6: Complete the charter petition, membership roster and submit the appropriate fees. The club can start meetings and service projects while you wait for this to be processed by Kiwanis International.

Step 7: Have a charter ceremony. Do this once you receive your official charter and club supplies from Kiwanis International.


Congratulations!  You have a club!  Now make it exceptional by using the resources on your particular program’s website.

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