A Kiwanis club or community organization starting and hosting a SLP club

Here are the basic expectations:

Here’s what you need to do to start a club:

Step 1: Decide where the club should be hosted. Most clubs are school-based (except for Aktion Club). So, based on the club you want to start, find the school or community organization that makes sense.

Step 2: Ensure that you have set aside funds in your budget to support the program.

Step 3: Identify one or more organization members to be the community advisor. You might consider someone who has an interest in service or leadership development, or perhaps was a program participant when they were a student. They will need to be available for club meetings. Note: In Kiwanis clubs, this person is often called the “Kiwanis advisor.”

Step 4: Meet with the school or site administrators to introduce the program and see if they are willing to be a host. Ensure they understand their commitments, namely the appointment of a faculty or staff member to be the club advisor.

Step 5: Help the host site recruit the charter members and choose the charter officers.

Step 6: Complete the charter petition, membership roster (excludes K-Kids and Builders Club) and submit the appropriate fees. The club can start meetings and service projects while you wait for this to be processed by Kiwanis International.

Step 7: Have a charter ceremony. Do this once you receive your official charter and club supplies from Kiwanis International.


Congratulations!  You have a club!  Now make it exceptional by using the resources on your particular program’s website.

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