What can you do in one day?


Kiwanis club members around the world gather on the fourth Saturday in October — a day set aside for clubs to work together to better their communities. It’s also been a day when club members invite friends and family to join them in a project that can improve a community. 

This year, things are different. While Kiwanis One Day is still set for October 24, 2020, we know some clubs are not meeting due to the coronavirus pandemic. Some clubs are meeting online only. Still others are meeting in person and following social distancing guidelines. Some clubs have been able to work on service projects; some can’t begin to think about that. Some clubs have added members; others have lost members. 

If your club can plan and participate in a Kiwanis One Day event, make sure you follow local guidelines and restrictions. You can find additional information about gatherings, social distancing and other important health updates at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) websites.

If your club can hold a One Day event, please let us know what you’re doing. Involve other members of the Kiwanis family — Aktion Club, CKI, Key Club, K-Kids and/or Builders Club — if that’s allowed in your area. Kiwanis One Day is a perfect opportunity to team up with any Kiwanis family club to clean a park, paint a shelter or provide playground maintenance.  

And invite others to join you — it’s a great way to introduce Kiwanis to your family, friends and colleagues. When you show potential members a project that helps kids, you engage them in the Kiwanis mission. After One Day, invite your guests to a Zoom or in-person meeting. 

If your club can participate in a One Day activity, these resources can help:   

  • Toolkit. Got a game plan? Click here to get one, including project ideas.
  • Contests. The Legacy of Play Contest with Kiwanis partner Landscape Structures awards US$25,000 in playground equipment.

How will your club make a difference in your community on Kiwanis One Day? Let us know by taking this brief survey.


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