Frequently Asked Questions

Our club is busy on the scheduled event day. Can we participate on an alternate day?

ANSWER: Absolutely. Clubs are asked to participate on the four Saturday in October (known as Kiwanis One Day), but if this isn’t possible, clubs can consider an alternate day within four weeks of the date.

We don’t sponsor a Service Leadership Programs (SLP) club (Circle K, Key Club, Builders Club, K-Kids, or Aktion). Can we still participate?

ANSWER: Yes! However, consider recruiting help from Scouts, Boys & Girls clubs, church youth groups, etc. Your project will be more meaningful if you involve youth.

Why did Kiwanis One Day move to October?

ANSWER: Beginning in the 2016–17 administrative year, Kiwanis One Day is held on the fourth Saturday of October. The Kiwanis International board decided to move the date to align with potential sponsorship opportunities. While those discussions are ongoing, Kiwanis is moving forward with the date change.

Why don’t you track service hours?

ANSWER: Kiwanis has added this question to the reporting forms for future Kiwanis One Day events.

How can I find out if my division (district) participated?

ANSWER: Kiwanis will provide reports to the district secretary for disbursement, upon request.

Does a fundraiser qualify for Kiwanis One Day?

ANSWER: No. The intent is to provide service to our communities. While fundraising is important for funding projects, One Day is a hands-on day of service.

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