Step 3: Select a project

Before selecting a project, ask yourself these questions:

  1. What skills can we bring to the project? For example, is there an expert gardener/landscaper in the group?
  2. Is there a park and/or playground in our community that could benefit from hands-on service?
  3. What types of projects are our members passionate about?
  4. Will our volunteers be young children? If so, is there something suitable for their help?
  5. Will our project garner participation from people outside the Kiwanis family?
  6. Will our project attract the media?
  7. Will our project make a lasting impression on the community?
  8. Will our project create pride in membership?
  9. Is the project achievable in about five or fewer hours of service? How many people will be needed to accomplish our goals?
  10. Is our project going to be fun?

These questions are intended to help the committee brainstorm ideas and really evaluate the strengths of the volunteers. Dream big, but be realistic!



Beach cleanup

Blood drive

Book drive

Boys & Girls Club cleanup

Campground cleanup

Child ID program

Church fence construction

Construction of park benches and tables

Food bank garden

Food drive

Games for children

Graffiti cleanup

Health fair

High school beautification

Lagoon/creek/riverside cleanup

Landscape local church

Landscape family center

Mural painting

Neighborhood revitialization

Painting public buildings and rooms

Park cleanup

Picnic table painting

Playground equipment maintenance

Railroad cleanup

Reading to children

Safety fair

School bus stop painting

School maintenance

Sporting events for handicapped children

Tennis court cleanup

Tree planting

Volunteer service for city parade

YWCA/YMCA cleanup

Step 4: Form subcommittees

Vision Partners

Be a Partner