2021 Signature Project Contest


Signature projects show the impact a Kiwanis club can have on a community. From playgrounds and parks to festivals and fundraisers, signature projects are the hallmarks of what Kiwanis clubs are known for in their communities.  

Kiwanis International will host the Fifth Annual Signature Project Recognition Program for districts in 2021. Clubs with 27 members or fewer will be judged in the Tier I category. Clubs with 28 members or more will be judged in Tier II category. Each tier will be judged separately and the top 10 finalists will be determined for each tier. The top three selections from each tier will be recognized as the gold, silver and bronze winners at the 2021 Kiwanis International Convention. 

Clubs should submit their project details using the online contest submission form. Each club’s entry will be sent to the submitter, the district secretary for district leadership to select their Tier I and Tier II submissions to the 2021 Signature Project Contest.

The Kiwanis International Board Committee on Service and Partnerships will review qualifying submissions and select the finalists. The finalists will be recognized at the Kiwanis International convention where the top winners will be announced and receive awards. Finalists will be notified of their selection in time to take advantage any discounted convention early registration rates.

What is a signature project?
Think about what your Kiwanis club is known for in your community. It can be a service project or a fundraiser. Signature projects:

  • Are recurring. (Note: A new project can qualify as a signature project if the intent is to continue the project.)

  • Enhance the Kiwanis image.

  • Demonstrate significant impact on the community in terms of monies raised or children served.

  • Strengthen membership and partnership opportunities.

While the district should determine how to select its club-level Tier I and Tier II submissions, the project should follow the criteria outlined here.

The contest opens Sunday, January 10, 2021. Entries are due at midnight ET on Sunday, January 31, 2021.

See the questions that will be asked on the online submission form.

Read the contest rules.

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Contest Opens

Sunday, Jan. 10

Contest Closes

Midnight ET Monday, Jan. 31

District Selection Due to Kiwanis International

Midnight ET Monday, Feb. 15

Top 10 Selected by Kiwanis International judges

Monday, March 14

 Finalists Notified
Monday, March 22

Awards and Recognition Breakfast

Thursday, June 24

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