Step 1: Choose a project

Your club probably has a lot of incredible ideas about projects they’d love to do. But a signature project is different because it is a project that will last for years to come. It can be a project you build and then maintain, with big impact that your club becomes known for. Here are some best practices for creating a successful signature project.

1. Identify a signature project chair to lead the charge. Here are some tips:

2. Form a committee. The more volunteers the better.

3. Determine a need. The Rediscovering Your Community tool will help you find out where your community can most use your club’s resources.

4. Identify a project to address your community’s need. Remember to keep in mind the four signature project criteria when deciding what your club will do. Be sure to look for our tips on how to elevate a project to a signature project. Also consider the following questions:

  • What skills can our members bring to the project?
  • What types of projects are our members most passionate about?
  • Will our project involve children, and if so are there tasks suitable for their involvement?
  • How many people will we need to accomplish our goal?
  • Are there other community or civic organizations that we can collaborate with?
  • Where and when will the project take place?
  • What is the potential impact of this project?
  • How will we leverage opportunities for inviting new members as part of this project?
  • Which community businesses can we ask to support this project?

The Analyzing Impact tool can also help you identify the right project.

5. Once you’ve found your project, obtain club buy-in. Your project will live on for a long time so make sure your club is onboard and excited.

Step 2: Bring your project to life

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