Elevate a project into a signature project

What if you have a project that only meets three of the four signature project criteria? Is there a way to elevate it to a signature project? Absolutely. Let’s look at the criteria and see how we can improve on an ordinary project.

How can you make it a recurring signature project?

Simplify: Are there aspects of the project you could change to make it easier to accomplish or do more often?

Example: Instead of holding a food drive in three different cities, could you start with just one food drive in one city and add more cities as you gain more members, partners and volunteers?

Partner with another organization: Is there an organization that is already doing what you want to do that you could partner with?

Example: Your club wants to repair a park. A Boys & Girls Club in town does too. Pooling your resources will cut down on the work your own club will have to do and make the project much more manageable, and more likely to re-occur.

Prepare thoroughly: The better job you do preparing for your signature project, the easier it will come off, and the more enthusiastic your club members will be about repeating it.

Example: A club decides to to do a diversity fair. They not only get the participation of several different food vendors, they get food permits. A local school allows them to hold it in their parking lot, so they work with the Key Club in that school to spread the word and to help with parking cars. They know children will be a big part of the fair so they speak to local dance clubs about teaching the kids different ethnic dances. They speak to the local law enforcement and ask for their participation and advice on any issues that might arise. They make sure there is a safety station with a registered nurse. They involve a senior center and ethnic clubs in town by creating a storytime area where people share their rich heritage. The Kiwanis club hosting the event has their #Kiwanislovesdiversity posted all over the fair with directions on how to post pictures for everyone to see, so the whole town is talking about the fair for weeks afterward. They also give out Kiwanis Loves Diversity magnets with the date of next year’s diversity fair on them.

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