Enhance the Kiwanis brand and create media interest

How can you make your signature project enhance the Kiwanis brand and create interest in your local media? You’ll find public relations tips under the bring your project to life section, so let’s talk about how your signature project can enhance the Kiwanis brand and elevate your presence in your local community.

Event name: Is there an opportunity to give the project a catchy name or a name with Kiwanis in it? Could you call it the “Kiwanis cares about Eagle Creek Park project” or the “Kiwanis keeps kids reading” book fair?

Leverage community partners: Will you need to fundraise to do your signature project? Do the signs you’ve created to advertise your events include the correct Kiwanis seal or wordmark? Have you included the cause you are raising money for? Are you working with local K-Kids, Builders Club, Key Club, Aktion Club or Circle K groups and asking them to spread the word on their social networks? Have you listed your project on sites like Volunteermatch.com? Does anyone you are partnering with have a company newsletter or community bulletin board where you could share your message? Many local grocery stores will let you hang a poster.  

Media events: Another great way to grab attention. Are there high traffic areas in your town where you could write a message in chalk? Could a group of you get permission to sing at a local mall and tailor the lyrics of your songs to your cause while wearing Kiwanis gear?

Kiwanis-branded items: Are you looking on the Kiwanis Family Store for permanent signage items? Did you remember to put labels inside the books you bought for your Kiwanis Reading Oasis? Did you wear Kiwanis gear while building that playground and order a Kiwanis sign to commemorate the park?

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