Make your signature project high impact

The key to making your project high impact is making sure it is something that can be measured. It’s all about the numbers. How many children did you feed? How many shoes, or books, or computers did you give away? How many kids did you take to the zoo?

Obviously some numbers are easier to find than others. How many kids will use the park you are fixing up? That may be a tougher number to find. You may have to talk to your local parks and recreation department. Or you may need to check the last census to get the number of children in that area. You may have to be a little more creative in how you measure your signature project, but you want to make sure you get a measurement.

Measurement helps you attract more sponsors and volunteers. People like to be a part of something that can prove it is truly making a difference. The more concrete evidence you can provide of your impact and success, the more seriously your club’s signature project will be taken.

Numbers also help your club and community set goals. If your “Kiwanis Feeds Fairfield” dinner fed 90 families last year, you might increase your goal to 110 families this year. As you touch more lives, you will gain more interest and support.

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