Make your signature project membership/partnership focused

Service is at the heart of all we do in Kiwanis, so signature service projects are the perfect way to expose outsiders and potential club members to our mission and give them a taste of Kiwanis. Signature projects are also a great way to keep current club members engaged and happy. In addition, they give clubs an opportunity to reach out to other groups, nonprofits and companies and form partnerships.

One way to make a signature project membership focused is to think about all the various people and groups you’d like to attract to your project and your club. Additionally, think about all the various people and groups that might be naturally attracted to your project. Example: Your club wants to be known for an annual “science is fun” fair. So start by thinking about the age groups you want to attract and ways you might get them involved. Who do their lives intersect with—teachers, parents, grandparents, coaches, tutors, friends from other clubs? What aspects could you add to your fair that would make it a great experience for these people too? Can you incentivize bringing guests in some way?  

Next think about local and regional companies that use science and hire scientists. Would they benefit from making a great first impression on children whom they might one day wish to hire or on people who might buy their products? Are there science-based clubs like 4-H that might want to be involved? If your club secures funding from these corporate partners, be sure to include signage to recognize their support.

Another way to keep a project membership focused is to provide take-away materials and membership forms somewhere at the event and to staff that area with your most outgoing members.

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