Step 1: Choose a project


Step 2: Bring your project to life

Now that you have your signature project chairperson and committee, have determined your communities needs, have selected a project and have club buy-in, it’s time to get the ball rolling. Here are some steps that may help you:

1. Create a project plan
Here are a few suggestions that will help you with important behind-the-scenes project tasks:

2. Invite others to collaborate—corporate partners, civic organizations, schools, fire department, police and elected officials. The Developing Community Partnerships tool can help.

3. Raise funds if necessary.

4.Promote your signature project. Spread the word about your signature project through public relations and social media. And don’t forget to visit the Kiwanis Family Store so your team can wear Kiwanis gear while working on your project and include permanent Kiwanis signage so your community knows about your good work

5. Execute your signature project.

6. Celebrate success with volunteers.

7. Debrief with partners and volunteers.

Step 3: Work with Kiwanis partners

Vision Partners

Be a Partner