Form subcommittees

Here are a few subcommittee suggestions that may work for you:

Volunteer Recruitment
Recruit and select volunteers for the project. These people can be involved in a variety of ways and may serve on additional committees. Members also will be charged with motivating and encouraging participation from all members.

Have the committee create a list of potential jobs for volunteers. If children are involved make sure there are age appropriate tasks for them as well. Volunteers who stand around feel undervalued.

The Logistics Committee works with the club administration, town officials and other members of the community to make sure the project runs smoothly. For example, if you are building park amenities, get plans approved ahead of time.

Community Networking
This committee will invite non-Kiwanis-family members to participate in the project. In addition, committee members will solicit assistance in the form of sponsorship (such as food donations, trash collection, signage, etc.). Review who to invite under the Invite special guests paragraph below.

The Hospitality Committee will be in charge of providing sustenance for the project participants. The committee should work with the Community Networking Committee to solicit in-kind contributions from local restaurants and/or grocery stores. Don’t forget to provide water and other beverages!

Public Relations
The PR Committee will be responsible for writing and sending media releases and finding other opportunities in the community to promote the project. Public relations involves planning, detail and follow-through. If you have a PR pro in your club, ask him or her to join this committee. If you know a PR professional in your community, invite them to join the club and help with this aspect of the project.

Review the information on the media relations playbook for ideas and resources. You can find the Just the Facts sheet with all Kiwanis facts and figures, and media release templates. You also can check the news and media center to see media releases written by Kiwanis International, and use those as guides or examples

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