Invite special guests

One way to increase media interest in your events is to invite a special guest. This should be someone with whom your club has worked on the project or someone who will benefit from the project. This creates community awareness about your club and helps build quality relationships with local officials.

Consider inviting these people:

  • Local public officials—if you are building a playground, invite a representative from the Parks Department or city hall
  • Local sports teams/personalities/television celebrities
  • Local performers/bands (to perform at the event)
  • School principals—this is helpful if you are doing a project with a school or children
  • School superintendent (see above)
  • Parent Teacher Association officials (see above)
  • Faculty advisors for Circle K, Key Club, Builders Club, K-Kids, Aktion club, Terrific Kids, and BUG
  • Restaurant managers/owners—Ask a local restaurant to donate food items to your event and feature them as a sponsor. Invite them to the event.
  • Bank managers
  • Town clerk
  • Police officers—If your club is doing a safety project, always invite the local law enforcement
  • Firefighters
  • Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Grocery store owner/manager—As with local restaurants, your club can seek donations of food from local grocery stores. Ask the manager to attend and mention the donation when possible.
  • Newspaper reporters
  • Radio celebrities
  • High school coaches
  • Neighborhood association presidents (especially in the area you are working)
  • Local heroes
  • Representatives of any vendor with whom your club does business

Think about who makes a difference in your community and invite them to your event!

Suggested text for e-mail or postal mail invitation


Dear Jane Smith,

Greetings! On behalf of the [insert club name], please accept our invitation to a very
special Kiwanis event:  ________________. On [DATE], members of our club [include others if applicable] will unite in service to our community. Our goal is to [brief description of event].

Would you consider volunteering just a few hours of your time and making a difference in our community? [Include time and location.]

I look forward to seeing you and please contact me [insert contact information] with any questions.

In service,
[Your name]

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