Prepare opening remarks

If you schedule a ceremony for either a groundbreaking or dedication of a signature project, make certain you allow time for some opening remarks. This is a great opportunity to thank the club’s partners and members who participated in doing the work. This also gives media something to cover—for television this would be the opportunity for the station to get video of the event and get interviews with the speakers. This should be no longer than 10–15 minutes maximum.

For remarks, keep it short and simple and follow these suggestions:

  • Wear Kiwanis logo attire, making certain your club is sporting the correct logo or wordmark. All of the correct Kiwanis logos are available at
  • Welcome—from the club president or project leader.
  • Thanks—thank all who helped, including partners and any vendors who donated supplies, food, drink, etc.
  • Opportunity for partners to speak.
  • Recognize any dignitaries (Kiwanis governor, governor-elect, lieutenant governor, realizing that not everyone has to speak. Also recognize community leaders who are present).
  • If it’s a playground project, invite the city’s parks department representative to speak—this person will thank the club for their work and the donation of materials.
  • If this is a groundbreaking event, have a few shovels and hardhats ready and line up children to turn the soil, with Kiwanis club members standing behind them. You also can stage some posed shots of the club members with the shovels. Children are a better option for media coverage.
  • If this is a dedication, have a ribbon to cut and ask a child to cut the ribbon. If this is a playground, have children ready to run on to the playground and begin playing. The more you can involve children in the ceremony, the better your media coverage will be.

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