Promote your signature project

Weeks before your signature project event, start promoting it on your club’s social media accounts as well as your personal ones. In addition to including photos, add necessary details (such as the time and location). If you would like community members to attend or help, clearly state your request in your post.

During your signature project, take photos from your phone and post them to your social media accounts or Kiwanis International’s Facebook page. Mention @Kiwanis and tweet action photos throughout the day.

Shoot a video and share it via social media or your club’s website.

Create a unique hashtag and use it in your tweets and posts. Share the hashtag with your club members and encourage them to use it too.

Social media promotion doesn’t end when your signature project is complete. Continue to spread the word about the amazing work you’ve done with photo updates about the impact your project is making in your community.

Have questions? We’re here to help. Contact for more information.

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