Take inspiring photos

Make sure you take photos at your event, and share them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You can share them with the local media and on your personal social media accounts. To share them for possible use in Kiwanis International publications, consider these recommendations:

  • Have a great story that will inspire members worldwide.
  • Have great photos that tell your story.
  • Make sure Kiwanis members wear official Kiwanis-branded attire.
  • Take your photos at your camera’s highest setting in a large, high-resolution format.
  • Avoid poses such as check acceptances, podium speakers and groups standing in line or stacked rows. If you’re shooting a service project, look for an action photo of the volunteers in progress or interacting with children.
  • Strive for identifiable faces, though they do not have to be facing forward entirely. Side shots of faces are okay if there is a mix of forward and side shots. The most important factor is facial expression; look for happy, positive, excited, surprised or content faces.
  • Don’t overload the photo with too many people unless it’s an intended crowd shot.

It's always a good idea to get a person's permission before taking their photo. If you plan to use the photo for anything besides news coverage, make sure you get a signed photo release form. Here is guidance from Kiwanis International on when a photo release form is needed and when it isn't.


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