Use the world’s largest social network to connect with club members and your local community. Kiwanis-branded cover photos and profile pictures are available for your use at kiwanis.org/brand.

For the Kiwanis member:

  • Follow Kiwanis International on Facebook
  • Connect with your local Kiwanis club members on Facebook
  • Talk about your club’s impact on your community
    • Check in on Facebook when you’re at your club meeting
    • Share photos of Kiwanis activities
    • Invite friends to your club events
    • Like, comment and share updates from the Kiwanis International page and other Kiwanis pages
For the Kiwanis Club:
  • Create a Facebook page or group for your club
    • Click here for a guide to determine if a page or a group is a better fit for your club
  • Assign someone in your club to manage the page or group
  • Update the page often, but no more than two times per day. Five to seven times a week is a good goal
  • Post at various times throughout the day and week to determine best days and times to engage users
  • Ideas for status updates:
    • Photos from service projects
    • Meeting information
    • Community news
    • News about youth leadership programs your club sponsors
    • Links to stories on your club’s website
    • Updates on fundraising goals or special projects
    • Posts from community or Kiwanis International partners
    • Invitations to club meetings
    • Polls and/or questions for the community
    • Share posts from partners

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